Nostalgia Expo

UPDATE:  Radio Studio East Official Dates:  May 13-14, 2016

To be held in he Farish Theater
located inside the main branch of the Lexington,  Public Library
140 East Main St., Lexington, Kentucky

More details as they become available.

Thanks to everyone who made the last three years of Nostalgia Expo possible.

For those who did not attend the 2015 Expo and who may not already know, I announced
at the end of the Saturday evening program that I am stepping down as chairman of
Nostalgia Expo.  It has been a very rewarding three year run and I will cherish the
memories of what we all accomplished together.

Nostalgia Expo was the result of the hard work of a group of very dedicated volunteers. 
If I try to name them all I will almost certainly leave someone out.  Suffice to say, you all
know who you are and the folks who attended the conventions do, too.  We all owe you a
big debt of gratitude.

So, is this the end of the convention?  I certainly hope it isn't.  While I am sure there will
be new similar events to carry on the traditions of what was originally the Cincinnati
Oldtime Radio and Nostalgia Convention, its continuation in Cincinnati is seriously in
doubt.  To the best of my knowledge there are no plans currently afoot to have another
such convention in Cincinnati.

UPDATED:  On May 13-14, 2016 American Radio Theater will host the first annual Radio
Studio East in Lexington, Kentucky at the Farish Theater located inside the main branch of 
the Lexington Public Library, 140 East Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky. 
It will be similar to an event that American Radio Theater has been having annually in
Seattle, WA each autumn since 2005.  It is a radio workshop with invited guests like
those we featured in Cincinnati who come to work with attendees to produce and record
audio dramas for the ART podcast.  Watch this page for further information.  If you are
interested in oldtime radio recreations and audio drama, you may want to attend this new

Don Ramlow, who has been producing and directing the vast majority of the recreations
in Cincinnati for as long as I can remember, will continue to do so for his group in
Kalamazoo, MI, All Ears Theatre.  In addition, Don is working on plans to possibly have
a Cincinnati style convention in Kalamazoo in 2016.  If it all comes together, this will be
a convention with invited celebrity guests, a dealers room and presentations, just like the
convention in Cincinnati that we have all come to know and love.  I will post any further
information I receive from Don regarding his progress on this web page.

If a person or group steps forward to continue Nostalgia Expo or a similar convention
under another name in Cincinnati, I will be happy to assist that person or group in any
way I possibly can but, for now, Radio Studio East and the potential convention in
Kalamazoo are the two most likely successors to the Nostalgia Expo.

Once again, thanks to everyone who supported and attended Nostalgia Expo during the
last three years.  I consider each and every one of you a personal friend and I hope that I
see you again, either at Radio Studio East, Kalamazoo, or one of the other OTR/Nostalgia
conventions around the country

Now, I have to get busy planning Radio Studio East, 2016!

     My very best to all of you.

             Mike Wheeler